About Pediatric Neuropsychology Evaluations

Over the course of his career, Dr. Paul Ebben has conducted neuropsychological evaluations of patients of all ages. Dr. Paul Ebben has also published in peer-reviewed journals including research in pediatric neuropsychology.

The pediatric neuropsychologist makes connections between a child’s brain activity and his or her behavior. Drawing on training in neuropsychology and clinical psychology, as well as in neurological development, this professional evaluates children with injuries, diseases, or developmental challenges of the brain. By developing an understanding of how a child’s brain works, the pediatric neuropsychologist can identify the causes of a child’s behavior, the way he or she learns, and the root of many social and emotional problems.

When evaluating a child, the pediatric neuropsychologist will ask the child to solve problems and answer a number of questions. Many of these tests present insights into the child’s problem-solving abilities, attention and memory skills, processing speed, and academic aptitude. Others assess emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, aggression, and social issues. Using insights drawn from these tests, the pediatric neuropsychologist can suggest interventions that capitalize on the child’s strengths and most effectively address his or her problems.


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