About Dr. Paul Ebben

1389922520_PaulEbbenDr. Paul Ebben is a forensic neuropsychologist with more than two decades of experience in his field. In 2002, he founded the forensic consultancy firm Insight Psychological Consultants, of which he is presently the head. Dr. Paul Ebben’s responsibilities with the firm include performing neuropsychological tests to identify dementia or cognitive dysfunction related to brain disease or head trauma, as well as conducting psychological examinations for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, and developmental disabilities.

Prior to starting his own firm, Dr. Ebben worked as a consultant and neuropsychologist at several mental health centers in Kentucky. He is affiliated with a number of professional organizations related to his field, such as the American Psychological Association, National Academy of Neuropsychology, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards, the National Register of Health Services Providers in Psychology, and the Kentucky Psychological Association. Dr. Paul Ebben has also written numerous articles and presentations about ADHD and learning disabilities in children, a subject in which he has professional interest.


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