American Psychological Association Advocacy

In addition to serving as a forensic neuropsychologist at Insight Psychological Consultants in Frankfort, Kentucky, Dr. Paul Ebben stays active in his field through a variety a professional affiliations. Dr. Paul Ebben holds membership in the Kentucky Psychological Association and has been part of the American Psychological Association (APA) since 1994.

One way the APA encourages the growth of the psychology field is through government advocacy. APA maintains three government relations offices and two affiliated organizations, each of which work to advance the field of psychology and its interests through legislative action. The organization’s core goals include increased federal research funding and an improved regulatory environment. In addition to its focus on health issues like aging and health care reform, the APA advocates for the improvement of education systems using psychological research and the expansion of mental health assistance for military service members. APA advocacy organizations also keep members of the APA up to date regarding major changes in policy and current issues in the policy process.