A Brief Overview of Forensic Psychology

Dr. Paul Ebben currently works for Insight Psychological Consultants, PSC, in Frankfort, Kentucky, as a forensic neuropsychologist. Dr. Paul Ebben earned his master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and his doctorate degree from Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology.

The field of forensic psychology involves the marriage of psychology and law, examining human behavior in those involved with the criminal justice system. A forensic psychologist may be required to work with victims or offenders in the criminal area, or with plaintiffs or defendants in the civil area. Due to the nature of their work, forensic psychologists will likely find employment in private practice, prisons, police departments, or any number of additional government agencies.

Some forensic psychologists prefer to pursue the field academically and take up positions at universities or research centers. A forensic psychologist’s research activities focus to apply various tenets of psychology to areas of law, such as criminology.